Company History
I started to deal orders with sub-suppliers.         
October 1993:
August 1997:
April 2001:
October 2002:
September 2006:
January 2007:
June 2012:
March 2015:
First company was founded by my wife Yasemin under the name  „ Demirci Transporte “.
I Erdogan Demirci was performing the role of Chief executive officer. Company worked together with another company „ LOGO“. Within four years the car count in creased to 5.
Our company started to cooperate with
company " Trans-o-flex ", which acquired
" LOGO ". They were really pleased by our
accomplishments.During this time our car fleet
increased three times to 15 cars.
We ended the the trade relationship with company " Trans-o-flex ".
New company was founded by Erdogan Demirci „ TaN Express “ which acquired „ Demirci Transporte “. In worldwide transportation the most frequent orders were to Italy, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and France. We have very good knowledge of Border checks in Switzerland.
I created new company in Pilsen, Czech
Republic under the name  „ Tag und Nacht
Express Plzen s.r.o. “
Company „ Tag und Nacht Express
Plzen s.r.o. “, started worldwide shipping.We managed to sustain worldwide economic crisis in 2008.
I left company" TaN Express “. Since that time i am only working for „ Tag und Nacht Express Plzen s.r.o. “